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Whether you have a project to complete or a problem to solve, AV HEROES are ready and able to help you keep your promises and commitments. It takes just a minute or two for new customers to create an account and connect to a nearby AV HERO. Use us however you need us. You simply pay a low flat $75/hour rate with a 1-hour minimum.

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All our audiovisual technicians are experienced, AV HERO-certified pros with the skills to tackle most any problem.

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Just hit the big red button. We’ll connect you in no time to nearby AV HEROES who will come straight to your workplace.

Low flat hourly rate

We’ll astonish you with our work – but never surprise you with our fees. AV HERO charges just $75 per hour with a one-hour minimum.

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AV HERO always gives you the opportunity to approve our work before we charge you. If we don’t Save the Day, you don’t pay.

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