Month: July 2020

AV HERO Belongs to YOU

The phrase “We’re in this together” has been used a lot lately, and appropriately so.  At the end of the day the world is a lot smaller than we think and our actions create a much bigger impact than we may expect. I’m writing this post to encourage the AV HERO Family around the concept… Read more »

What are the Qualifications of an AV HERO?

Qualifications AV HERO Assessment Test includes the following four categories: Audio, Video, Control/Networking, and Service/Troubleshooting. All are represented equally. It is our stance is for individuals to be an effective all-around AV HERO, they need to have a decent knowledge base in all four categories. If a HERO is familiar with the below terms, concepts,… Read more »

Recommended Tool and Supply List

Every AV HERO needs the right supplies and tools to get the job done right the first time. This list is by no means all encompassing. It is a decent starting point but other specialty tools and supplies may be required based on a job’s unique circumstances. Below are the recommended tools and supplies. If… Read more »

The Origins of AV HERO

Like all good stories, the story of AV HERO started in, well, you guessed it, a bar. I was having a beer (sounds good right now doesn’t it?), looking at the TVs and this thought came to me, “what would this bar owner do if all of a sudden these TVs stopped working?” The honest… Read more »

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