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What Is HiFi Audio (and Why You Should Care)?

It’s hard to compare live music to a set of headphones, speakers or soundbar.  When you see an artist or a band on stage, playing their instrument, singing their song, you can feel it — not just hear it. Live music evokes a visceral response from us as people.  And it doesn’t matter how good… Read more »

Pro AV Tech You Should Pay Attention to in 2022

Many organizations continue pushing back their return-to-the-office announcements as new COVID-19 variants emerge. But not all.  Others have found ways to enter the workplace again safely or plan to return in the months ahead. Despite differing approaches, several trends have become more visible as leaders take action to prepare for post-pandemic work. For one, after… Read more »

A 2022 Buyers Guide: New Year, New Tech

As we all know by now, tech doesn’t slow down.  It speeds up. The past year has seen significant change as demand rose considerably for those outfitting home offices, investing in home theaters or sound systems, or even those looking for an upgrade.  We rounded up some of the latest tech for remote workers, home… Read more »

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7 Common Tech Problems (and How to Solve Them)

Tech issues cost individuals upward of 100 hours a year, by some estimates, resulting in wasted time, frustration and a lack of confidence in the devices or software they’re struggling with. For businesses, the cost is millions of dollars dedicated to resolving support issues and technical difficulties — many of which are undoubtedly avoidable or… Read more »

Home Office Essentials

Work-from-Home Setup Guide: Home Office Essentials

Since working from home has become much more commonplace, many people have begun to realize that they need a designated workspace in their homes. Working from home can be a great way to balance your work and life obligations, but without everything that you need, it is not always the most productive and can make… Read more »

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A Buyer’s Guide for a D.I.Y. Outdoor Movie Theater

Setting up the perfect D.I.Y., outdoor movie theater is an excellent way to enjoy the starry summer nights with friends and family — and the best part, it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to do.  Here’s a shopping list: A projector A projection screen (Optional but ideal) A media player or streaming device An audio source… Read more »

The Remote Worker’s Guide to #WFH Essential Home Office Technology

Even though some companies are making plans to reopen their workplaces, #WFH isn’t going anywhere.  Most likely, people will continue to work from home into next year. In the U.S., leading tech companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and countless others set their timelines, with projected return-to-work dates landing in the summer of 2021.  “Beginning July 6,… Read more »

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