Work-from-Home Setup Guide: Home Office Essentials

Home Office Essentials

Since working from home has become much more commonplace, many people have begun to realize that they need a designated workspace in their homes. Working from home can be a great way to balance your work and life obligations, but without everything that you need, it is not always the most productive and can make your work even more difficult. Whether you are new to working from home or have been doing it for years, here is a guide on how to make your workspace more comfortable and efficient. 

Invest in a Monitor

Most people work off their laptops, but using a monitor instead will be much more helpful.  Monitors are designed specifically for viewing multiple images and text together; by using a laptop, you run the risk of cluttering your field of vision and straining your eyes. The average person uses around four screens per day, so instead having one could be helpful to your visual health. You can even connect your laptop to your monitor for seamless transitions between the two. When choosing a monitor, depending on what works best for you, you have two options: LCD or LED monitors. Both rely on the same fundamental technology, but use different lighting technology. LED monitors are generally considered the better choice; they are meant to be used in bright rooms, yet do not emit much light, thus saving energy while keeping the screen clear.

Use a Mouse

Even if you choose to continue to use your laptop instead of a monitor, using a mouse is far better than using the touchpad. Depending on your laptop, you might be able to plug it in and use a mouse or buy an external USB mouse. A mouse is also better for your wrist; over-exertion of the wrist in a horizontal position can cause wrist injury, and lead to the early onset of carparal tunnel syndrome. For the best experience with a mouse, consider using a vertical mouse, alleviating pressure on the nerves in your hand and providing an overall safer and more comfortable working experience. 

Buy External Speakers

If sound quality is of even any consideration to you, external speakers are far better than using whichever native ones come with your laptop. For example, if you edit video at home or listen to music on your computer, you will notice a major improvement in sound quality right away. A direct connection to your speakers is optimal for the best quality sound, but even if your laptop will only allow you to connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you will still see a noticeable improvement than if you were to use the cheap speakers attached to your machine.

Buy a Wireless Keyboard

If you are working with a desktop computer setup, it may be fairly obvious that you’ll need to invest in a dedicated keyboard. Despite the amount of use that this component gets, however, many people do not give the type of keyboard that they use much consideration at all. A good keyboard doesn’t seem as though it would make much of a difference in your work, but traditional, wired keyboards can be inconvenient, as well as cause health problems later on. Investing in a wireless keyboard will allow you to work in a position that is most comfortable for you by eliminating the hassle of tethering wires, as well as providing a portable alternative for your devices that may have inferior keyboards, or no keyboards at all. Also, it may be worth looking into an ergonomic keyboard, which like a vertical mouse, provides the benefit of reducing wrist strain and maximizing comfort.

Webcam for All the Zoom Calls

A high quality webcam is vital when in a work-from-home situation, as most meetings are now taken over Zoom. You will want a webcam that is at least 1080p, as it will make you look the best through the screen, without being too high quality as to hinder network speed. Make sure that if you are using a webcam on a computer with a native one included, to ensure that all settings are correct, and that your new webcam is set to default.

A Good Headset for Your Zoom Calls

When in a web-conferencing meeting, you will undoubtedly get the best audio quality, both input and output, through a good headset. When using headphones, it’s easier to differentiate between multiple people speaking at once, as well as making sure that each voice comes in more clearly. With an attached microphone, you can be confident that everyone in the meeting can hear you, as your receiving component will be as close to the source (your voice) as possible.

Furniture to Make Things More Comfortable

A sturdy desk that is big enough to be able to hold everything you need plus still have a working room is important. This will make sure that you do not feel cramped when trying to get your work done.

An ergonomic chair is also very important. If you work nine to five, you’re working for eight hours sitting in that chair. Your back will need the support so it won’t cause problems over time.

If you want to make the most of your space and have a work-from-home setup that will help you stay productive, take these last few tips from us. The best work-from-home setup guide is the one that teaches you how to create a space for yourself, and then let your creativity flow. Setting up a home office can be daunting, but with this guide, you have nothing to worry about. You’ll have everything you need for your new workspace in no time!

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