5 Reasons to Call On Tech’s Freelance Market

Technical services managers and IT leaders have been put in a particularly difficult spot as the demand for technology continues to clash with supply chain issues. Couple that with perhaps the greatest challenge yet: talent and skill shortages. 

The so-called Great Resignation brought on by the pandemic has led to record-high numbers of workers leaving full-time jobs. Some estimates suggest 72% of tech workers are considering quitting their jobs in the year ahead. 

This exodus from full-time roles puts organizations in a bind as they try to fulfill services, complete projects, and uphold deadlines. 

But without boots on the ground, it’s nearly impossible — especially with the ongoing supply chain issues compounding the challenges. 

The impact tech can have on an organization is limited without skilled workers. But if a growing talent shortage and the fierce competition for talent continues, what are organizations to do to keep clients happy and projects moving?

Hire freelancers. 

More and more US workers are turning to freelance work to earn their keep. For organizations that need technical support, that’s good news and here’s why: 

1. On-Demand Services 

As you consider working with a freelancer versus a full-timer, it’s important to understand what you need done. Being able to call on a freelancer for part-time or project-based work grants organizations flexibility to scale their teams up and down to meet the demands of work. 

2. Specialized Talent

Whether it’s deploying new technology or working with proprietary software, there is a time and place for specialized talent.

Hiring a specialist to come aboard for deployments or similar projects can help aid IT teams that are strapped for resources, time and budget. IT leaders should invest in training to close skills gaps on the team when possible, but if it’s not, call in backup. 

3. A Broad Network of Workers

A major advantage of turning to the freelance world has to do with the sheer size of the talent pool. Some projections put the freelancer market at 90 million in the years ahead. 

For those organizations that don’t have offices or reach in certain areas, finding freelance talent to get a foothold may prove beneficial. By opening the door to more geographies, organizations can unlock more possibilities to expand. 

4. Cost-Effective Headcount

Working with freelancers is often less expensive than hiring full-time staff because they don’t require the same salary requirements, benefits and so on. Full-time staff come with training costs, office space requirements, hardware and software expenses and more overhead. 

For some projects, the cost factor alone will help settle the debate of hiring freelancers versus FTEs. 

5. A Fresh Perspective On Projects

Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes on a problem can help find solutions. Freelancers, those who work on a variety of projects, can bring a new perspective to your organization’s needs. Adding a new way of thinking and problem-solving could lend major benefits to projects, clients or internal operations. 

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