Month: September 2020


Have you been wondering who all of these awesome AV HEROES are that we keep talking about? Well, here you go! #sAvetheday #avexperts #avservice #avsupport #AVHERO

Empower vs. Employ

I’ve spent most of my adult life employed by some great companies. Guitar Center, TekWorks and AVI Systems to name just a few. The benefits of working for these companies were significant as they provided health care, 401K plans and vacation pay. I am forever grateful to the founders of these companies and what working for… Read more »

To be a “Candidate”

I know there are a lot of people looking for work right now – a lot of people applying for jobs, interviewing and hoping to be the right candidate. Recently the word candidate jumped out at me in a surprising way it hadn’t before – it contains the word “candid”.  Interesting right? Maybe there’s a connection between being… Read more »

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